Lord, Be at my side

by Xylene (Manila)

Dear God Almighty,With all my heart and soul I praise you and adore you. Thank you for this day as I celebrate my natal Day, I pray that you bless my mother and father who gave me life 57 years ago. I have not said:” Thank You Nanay and Tatay for giving me life “while theywere still with me here on earth and so thru you St. Joseph and Mary please tell them how much I appreciate that gift of being born. With out them caring for me while i was growing up and tenderly raised me to be a Good Person I would”t see the beauty of Life and God”s loving Care and Protection.

Thank you God for giving me these twwo beautiful people as my parents and I Pray for the Eternal Repose of their Souls in Heaven. I pray for ,my sister also who have joined them and You in Heaven Amen.

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