Long request, please read

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My mind, spirit, and body are broken. I was blessed to be born as what I now know to be a fairly affluent family (roughly 75,000 us dollars per year in the 1990s), though many might state that that wasn’t that affluent. There was debt. I had no college fund. I don’t know, I never saw my parents financials. Since then, I lost everything due to disability and the criminalization of houselessness. In some states such as Tennessee (where I don’t live, but it demonstrates the existence of the attitude) they criminalized sleeping outside as a felony even on public lands. Well, the thing is everybody needs to sleep and isn’t a a better moral choice to sleep on public lands rather than trespass on private property? I want housing. I am not the bogeyman that some property owners point to as intentionally breaking laws ‘just because I don’t want to be part of the system.’ No. I did not abandon the system. Those with the deepest pockets have created a tax system that benefits the ‘haves’ at the expense of the ‘least of these.’ The people demanding we cut services actually pay less taxes than some who work part-time fast food jobs simply because one has to already own capital or property at a level that is unavailable in order to avail themselves of them to those who like Lazarus were mistreated by the wealthy in this life. Job was wealthy. Abraham was wealthy. Neither of these men was unrighteous. It’s how you use your influence against others for things you do not need that matters. Jesus is Lord. I am facing a court case involving corruption in a suburban town that simply doesn’t want the homeless around. Nowhere in scripture have I found a statement that the fact that one wears a uniform has anything to do with the merit of the person wearing the uniform. The Sanhedrin wore similar clothes. Not all of them were unrighteous, but they did vote for the crucifixion of Christ. Need prayer for psalms 37 and 23 to be realized in my life. Need for everyday Christians to realize that the so-called Golden Rule ((Matthew 7:12; Luke 6:31) is a directive from the Lamb of God HImself.

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