Lonely cant take it I live in pitch black darkness there is no more light……

by Alexander ()

Someone help me, god an angel of mercy, please take me home. Take my life before I do. I cant take the lonleyness the emptiness the abandonment. God, if your there am calling to you know in tears, for years, I’ve been crying to you for someone. I cant communicate properly with women I cant build relationships. I have never been loved by girl. Please release me from my prison. Send death, the angel of mercy to free my soul. I want to go home to the light. I was wrong to follow Lucifer so long ago, you remember when we were all one he brought separation to create the new universe. I am here now and this universe is Hell!!!!!!! Forgive me Lord of creation. I am in hell please bring me home. I am suffering beyond belief in hell. I know it could be worse, and I am grateful for the mercy thus far however my pain is realization of my eternal loneliness. So God I ask you to Either send Me an Angel to Love, or Release me from my prison , forgive me for my multiple lifetimes of sins and the greatest sin of all….. Leaving the light. At the beginning of time that is pure love . Please grant me love now and forever. -your child in the infinate Darkness………. I miss you. I miss the love that is Light. I want to go Home. – Alexander Senki (Alexander the Great) it’s time for me to go home, I have learned now my mistakes. Now I Understand Love, how important it truely is. You spoke to me in a dream last night, you gave me a wish, and I used it incorrectly. MY TRUE WISH FROM YOU IS TO BE GRANTED T R U E L O V E. in life or death. -Amen

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  1. I have prayed for you

    I have prayed to St Dymphna and St Valentine to intercede on your behalf before God. Take care and God bless you! Trust in the light of God, everything will be allright!

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