by Beverley Graf ()

Oh Lord my God, I cry out to you!
For protection from the evil that abounds in the earth today.
You Amighty God created the world with loving hands, to be pure and and good. After each day of creation you looked at was created
And saw that it was good!
But we have spoiled your creation by sinning, wanting our ways, instead of yours ways and now we are reaping what we have sown. There is so much evil, hatred, distrust, violence in the world, that we can only cry out to you, Lord I repent of my sins, I repent of my apathy, I repent of my
Prideful ways, I repent of thinking I know better than you and that I can fixed the problems of my family and friends.
Lord, I lay all my concerns at your feet, for I know that only you can
Provide healing, protection, peace of mind for what going on in the world today. We need not look anywhwere else but to you, trusting
That what ever happens in this world today will be your will.
I pray Father that your Holy Spirit will be with anyone who is persecuted for your namesake, for anyone who is hungry, please provide food, water and spiritual blessings.Please, Father Send your Holy Spirit to the Jewish people around the world convicting to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Provide their earthly and spiritual needs.
Father, I pray that you send your Holy Spirit throughout the world, changing our hearts, make them clean, give them a calling to serve you and only you. Provide Godly men and women to serve in goverment, military, police, medical
Fields, Pastors and Church Leaders,
We thank you Father for all your provisions. Praise God whom all blessing flow. We trust you Lord!
In Jesus name. You will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Were you lonely for your son when when he lived with us on earth?
Did your heart ache to see him, touch him, talk to him?
Father, I pray for those who are lonely, who watch the driveway, for their sons and daughters to visit.
I pray those in hospitals and can’t have visitors. I pray for those who are at home recovering from injuries or sickness wanting a call
or card. I pray for those who think they don’t matter and that others would be better off if they weren’t around. I pray for those who been informed that they will recover from their illness. I pray for those who have lost loved ones and want to turn the clock back to happier days. I pray for those going trials and persecutions and feel alone with their battles. I pray for those in lonely jail cells. I pray for the hungry and the poor, Mothers and Fathers who only want a little food that their child might live.
I pray, Father that as your Holy Son, Jesus promised his disciples that
He would send a Comforter to them.that you would send the Holy
Spirit to all that need comfort. Let them feel your Holiness surround them. Let them feel your peace. Let them know you are with them
You, Father are the great Comforter, thank you loving us and being their us in our times of loneliness. Let us not look to the world for comfort but to you. Holy Spirit lead us in the direction are hearts
Should follow.
In the precious name of Jesus I pray


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