Living in my destined abundance

by Fonda (Michigan)

Lord, thank you for awakening the spirit of abundance you have destined for my life. My mind is now focused on this blessing you have placed in my heart. Thank you for personally selecting the people, business associates, clients to place me on my path of abundance.

I accept this calling and will honor this blessing forever and give all praises to You. I fully embrace the wealth in my life and the importance of using it to provide the lifestyle of my dreams for my family, church, friends and community. I will never live in a world of lack or scarcity but that of full abundance. I will forever talk myself into living my abundant life instead of finding ways to talk myself out of it. I have launched out into the deep and casted my net as you have directed.

I know the benefits of my faith will result in infinite abundance peace, joy, health, wealth for me, my family, my church and my community. Thank you for not giving up on me over the years for now accepting this destiny. I love you with all my heart.

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