Litany of Special Prayer Intentions

by Anonymous (Canada)

Through Mama Mary’s special prayers and most powerful and never failing intercession, that all the Holy Guardian Angels present at all the Holy Masses celebrated throughout the whole world each and every day in perpetuity that each and every Guardian Angel may bring a soul out of purgatory, bring about eternal salvation for a dying soul, and a miraculous conversion for a lost soul each and every day, and that all people choosing and living a celibate life, especially Priests, Religious, and the Consecrated, that each and every day of their celibate life that souls be released from purgatory, eternal salvation be achieved for the dying, and that lost souls be miraculously converted each and every day, and with ceaseless prayers for the sanctity and purity of the Church and world, the souls in purgatory, the dying and all humankind, and each and every day through Mother Mary’s ceaseless intercession may many souls in purgatory be released, the dying be brought to salvation and many people be converted, and the world and Church be purified, so that more and more people come to live in Christ and that no more souls be lost.