Light at the End of the Tunnel

by Gertrude ()

Help me to endure all the disappointments of the last Decade.
I have experienced Loss in all manner, so overwhelming it boggles the mind.
My friends died in a plane crash. I lost my home, my wealth, and my automobile in a car accident. I was not hurt but financially ruined; I had to declare Bankruptcy.
My ex husband died, my only child a daughter, let me know about it through LinkedIn! She has totally alienated me from her life. She has been divorced twice, no children, no grand-kids, and married to her Career. She has had two DUI’s, ended up in Adelaide, AUS, in a powerful position. Lots of responsibility, so much she burned out and now lives in the highlands of Panama. I never hear from her…
My Mother died leaving a large Estate, my two siblings managed to squeeze me out of my rightful inheritance.
My career, has been in the toilet for several years, I am good at what I do. I reach out to others helping with their dream of home ownership; the perceived successful Sale is pulled right out from under me. The stories are endless, listing, sales, and even offices! All my hard-work, effort and no paycheck!
It makes me quake in my boots, remembering the awful humiliation, the loss, the insults, the crazy behavior of others, the cowardice, the rejection, the abandonment, the knee breaking grief, it is all too much to bear!
Why oh why am I so forsaken? Life is not fair, but how does it come down to this? Alone, below poverty income, few friends, no family, just me and my kitty in a one bedroom apartment. I am a USAF Veteran.
(I know this is not a Prayer. But, it is exactly where I am in life right now.)

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