Lift me to advancement in a supportive environment

by D (Memphis TN)

Lord, I work so hard for my employers an have accomplished so much. But I face a lack of support for my advancement everywhere I work.

My supervisors take credit for my work and people with fewer credentials and experience get roles that I am more suited for. I love helping people, building partnerships and using my communications and organizational skills.

I am thankful for my master’s degree, my connections and human relations skills. Please put these skills to good use in an environment of cooperation where I can do some good for people who need help.

Please put me in a role where I am the head and not the tail and that compensates me well so that I can take better care of myself and donate more and take more time for my family and friends. and more time on eating right and exercising.

Thank you for prayer Lord and for the parents who raised me. Thank you for my professionalism and pleasant appearance and personality.

Thank you for my sense of humor during my trying financial and career challenges and thank you for people who pray for each other.

Lead me to the right role and help me to recognize it when it comes.


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