Lift Me from Depression and make my Mind Whole Again

by Jannemarie B (Trinidad And Tobago)

Heavenly Father, it’s been 5 years of ‘HARD’! No job, little money, sickness and through it all I know that YOU have protected me, sent people to help. Lord, this depression is overtaking me at the very time that I need all my mind functioning at its best. I cannot believe that more than 2 years of work can come to null because I cannot complete this thesis.

This work Lord is testimony to YOU. I had no money, no home, no job and you sent others to help me get this far. Do not turn your face away from my efforts Lord. Father, my mind is just blank. I am afraid. Father God, I do not believe that YOU would have allowed me to get this far for it all to be destroyed. Lord, I cannot without YOU lift myself out of this weakened mind. Strengthen me Lord. If this is to be my fate, then give me a spirit of peace about my situation.

Father,you lifted Job, Ruth, Esther and so many others. Lift me up, please. I thank you because I know that even if I do not understand, I am being guided by you always. There are many times YOU tell me to do things and I am fearful. Let me remember that YOU are there always. Father, I thank you for those in my life who believe in me. I never wish to disappoint them. I pray that they are also always guided by YOU. I ask that in everything I do I do according to YOUR WILL.

I ask you to bless those who have set up this site as a place for us to join in prayer. It is said where 2 or more gather, YOU FATHER, as in the midst. I believe. Hear our prayers dear Lord.

I pray in supplication and in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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