Life with God and my love

by Garbear (PA)

I have not been faithful to my GOD when I wasn’t in time of need. My prayer and communication to you God was over shadowed with the jealously and evil efforts of the devil to void the love of my life and my with GODS will my future wife.

I never forgot you and now I come to you in a time of need and first request your forgiveness for my sins and for my ignorance to our relationship.

I ask for you to touch the heart and soul of the one I love and give her guidance back into my life. Let her know that with the power and glory of you in our lives we can acheive life together. Also enter the hearts of her family knowing that my actions caused pain to their daughter and loved one. ALlow them to knoiw that I am empowered by you to be sucessful at our relationship.

I ask for the peace and protection to our miltary and soldiers of the law, also bless all emergency workers and guide them buy your hand.

Im praying and asking in pure faith for a miracle to save the love of my life and reunite us and give us peace together as one family under god.

In GOD name I pray


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