Life turning upside down

(modesto, ca)

Over the last few weeks my life has turned upside down my fiance lost his job due to a pill addiction, he is detoxing and me and my 3 year old daughter have to deal with all the emotions and changes from this. I am trying to figure out how I am going to keep up on all the bills and keep food in the house. I suffer from depression which has been under control until now, all I want to do is cry. The anger and the feeling of helplessness is overwhelming. We have been trying to get him into a rehab but don’t have any money. Lord please watch over us and help us find our way. Help me to get through this emotionally and physically.

Please I pray that my daughter won’t be affected by this, but she does see all that is going on and knows things are very wrong. I hope I can find my way through and hope that I can find a way to not lose everything I have worked so hard for.

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