Life Time of Betrayals. Lord I need your urgent intervention.

by Celine (Ottawa)

Lord I need your urgent intervention. I have suffered years of family betrayals. Most recently due to my health I was made further a victim to a Vendictive Narcasistic male. I have been forced to be homeless since Oct 2012, I’ve been denied in shelters due to my siezures and I’ve lost 30 years of all my property and personal possessions to this man. I’ve been abused all my life, I’ve been raped twice, I’ve raised two son’s alone and due to the lies and deciet they are not in my life. Lord I so feel what you felt during you life on earth, I am so strong and so genuinely honest – life continually befalls me to further injustices. Please assist, intervene and open a fruitful path full of kind genuine people who are truly good and trustworthy.

My life has been robbed and I see no hope for me. I’m alone, everything has been taken from me. The friends that I had left me stranded. Please come to my rescue. You know what it is I need so please rush in and save me.

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