Life prayer

by Alicia (USA)

Where does faith keep being blocked by evil. Very hurt, numb and lonely from a husband of 12 years fighting me then walking away with even no shoes. Even worse Leaves me with lack of funds and disheartended by life. As I stood up for myself, my family and friends disappeared! When I receive good news of a job, no responses. Stuggle with living, confused about what is happening. I need reasons by God to guide me. I know I prayed for help on relationship yet I myself got angry from life struggles and family interference that sure broke our life up after years of loving each other.

Please pray for Bruce E and Alicia. I know life is tough knowing I need closure or contact. My finances are dire and just need to be covered by God to heal and gain strength. I denounce evil but sure need agreement to truly know what is good or evil.

Right now I do not know even about myself…I know I am a good woman just being misguided.

Thank you! Blessings to you!!

Please bless those affected by life in all ways also. I know each of us needs healing and gods hands to comfort us as we go through a world. I hope each feels love and kindness each moment of life.

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