Life or death situation

by Nicholas ()

Body of Christ, I’m currently in a life and death situation that past sins (which I’ve confessed & repented of) have gotten me into. My life is in danger and I need the wisdom, direction, provision, and strength of God right now. I’m not in the best health but I believe God is healing me according to Isaiah 53:5. I won’t go into much detail but know that a very dangerous and highly influential, widely spread nationwide, drug organization is after me to murder me. I’m sure you can easily figure out who I’m speaking of– there’s not many with such a title. These people seem to follow me wherever I go to get away from them and they constantly set snares and traps to try and end my life. Around my every corner it seems I’m dodging another attack and it’s very overwhelming. They’re also fabricating lies and wildly exaggerating truths about me to normal civilians of the areas I’ve gone to, in order to paint me as someone I’m not and earn the help or input from regular people I cross paths with. Considering the things I’ve done which led to this, I often feel that I deserve what I’m going through then The Holy Spirit always seems to whisper to me that I do not deserve it and I’ve been forgiven of these horrible things which led to this. Unfortunately, men aren’t as forgiving as our amazing Father is. Right now, more than ever, I need his grace to push forward with confidence, courage, strength, wisdom, and understanding, knowing that He will not only guide me, but also provide for me, as He provides for the birds of the air who neither sow nor reap. I need the divine protection of psalm 91 to follow me wherever I go. And most importantly, I believe, I need spiritual sensitivity to be able to discern the difference of my inner voice and His still, small, voice. I need to know when it’s Him guiding me, and not me hastily making a poor decision from feeling pressured by time, or circumstance. Men of God I listen to often talk about following the leading of God instead of ourselves but they never seem to explain how to hear Him lead. I read the Word regularly and I know He leads by His Word but I’m referring to having a spiritual sensitivity to clearly understand when The Holy Spirit is speaking to us, telling us to do or not to do something. I know this very long and I apologize. I just felt that if I’m asking for such intense, fervent intercession, the body of Christ is deservimg of a thorough explanation. I deeply appreciate every one of you who read this and I pray that you reap abundant blessing for every seed you sow into my life through your prayers. Thank you so much and God be with you.
Very Sincerely,
Nicholas C.

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