Life is such a beautiful gift of god

by Cristina (India)

Life is such a beautiful gift of god

but it is always full with problems
and sorrows of different kinds
so today let us pray to god
to give us peace and happiness
if someone needs courage in blessings of god let us pray for that person too.

God our loving father we thank you for the gift of life
and the sorrows in the beautiful things in our life also
because with each sorrow you teach us a new lesson how to over come it how to forget it and be happy with the beautiful things there in our lives god please help us to always b happy with the things and happiness we have in our life.

Not be sad thinking about the sorrows, God today we bring forth the people who r suffering through diseases and family problems mental instability shower ur blessings on them
may your holy spirit be with them.

May your precious in holy blood pore over them in wipe away all their sufferings and sorrows.

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