Lies, Deciet, Drama, Problems from Evil in-laws

by Rosemary LoScerbo ()

Lord Jesus Hear my prayer, I come before you in desperate need of help! My evil mother-in-law (Filomena Visconti) and evil sister-in-law (Rosetta Visconti). They are still causes so many problems in our marriage and being going through this for 10 years since I’ve been married to my husband (John Visconti). My husband wont put them in place and step-up the plate and protect me, defend me. And never has shown to both of them how much I mean to him and our marriage, so his never put his foot down for me. This has been going to long God and I want both of them (first and foremost Filomena Visconti is the number one trouble maker – then she goes to Rosetta and constantly gets into our marriage because they don’t want to see us happy. Lord! Ensure that my life wont be threatened anymore because of those disgusting, evil, malicious, cold-heart, who will throw you under the bus and manipulate my husband (both of them will) to get what they want and this needs to end now, forever. My life is always on the line because once those two start – it goes my husband and they hell breaks loose and my life is on the line. Stop! Lord! Make this stop, no more and for my husband to be who he should be and put an end on this for once and for all. Because I see that my husband doesn’t seem he wants too and he needs to open his eyes and that they’ve taken our happiness away, our life away and we are 50 years old and no kids no future because of them too. Help ! Lord ! Thank you for everything.

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