Letter from God to teachers

by B. (Baton Rouge, La)

My Dear Daughters and Sons,

I want you to know that I am with you and that I love you so much. Ive been watching as you do your work with my precious little ones. I see the love and commitment you have to bringing all these little souls closer to me. I know its hard and I know that at times you dont know if what you are doing is having any effect. Please trust me when I say your hard work, when done in my name, will have the exact effect that it should.

As the school year is drawing to a close I want you to know that I placed each of you with the children you were supposed to be with, you loved them and cared for them. Always remember that you have the opportunity to affect the eternal future of the souls that have been placed in your care each school year. Know that I am with you every step of the way. I am there as you teach and as you test. I am there as you encourage and you correct. The job I have placed you in is not an easy one so please come to me for support and guidance. I will give you all the strength and direction that you need.

I sent my own Son to do some very difficult work he gained all his strength by stepping away and spending time with me in prayer. Please remember to come to me and spend quiet time with me so I can fill you with all the love you need to give out to my precious little ones.

Soon the school year will draw to a close and all these souls that you have been with will head off to new adventures. Make no mistake about this, as they leave for the summer, you have made an imprint on their heart and I thank you for all the times that they felt my love through your loving hands.

I love you and Im proud of you.

Your Loving Father

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