Let your will be done.

by Meka (Jamaica)

Heavenly Father..i join with this community of persons online who truly seek your divine intervention in regards to our love lives. Firstly i have to ask u to cleanse me as my righteousness is like filthy rags before thee. Lord and i ask that if it is your will then let it be done. I pray for restoration of my ex- partner and i. I pray that you will soften his heart . Let him see u and know u and then i know he will indeed know love. As for me let me learn to love u and in so doing apply that love to any relationship i partake in. Remove the bad influences he has in his life that includes friends who tell him not to come back home. Lord i messed up and accept my wrong. Allow him to accept his wrong. I can ask for lots more but u know my hearts desire. Your joy is to see your children happy and i am nowhere happy. I believe u can do the impossible …enemies laugh but Lord i know u can change that. Give me another testimony i pray amen.

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