Let Your Will be done

by RB (PA)

Dear God, My wife and I have lost our way. We have been struggling for the past 6 months and it seems as though, she wants to pursue divorce 100%. We are currently separated but living in the same house.

I see this as a blessing, that you are giving us a chance to find your path. Right now we are concentrating on what we want to do instead of what You want us to do. Our plans have taken on more importance that Your plan. Please guide us to Your plan so that we are able to avoid divorce.

We have been blessed with 3 beautiful, healthy boys. You have blessed us with so much, and I want to show You our gratitude by continuing to cherish everything that You have given us as a family. Please help my wife find her way back to me.

She has changed, but I know in my heart of hearts, that the person that I fell in love with and married is still there. She might just be confused and lost right now. Please help her see the light. Thank you God for hearing my prayers and I will continue on my path to become a better person through these tough times. Though the last 6 months have been the worst 6 months of my marriage, I have learned so much and I hope and pray that I am able to share the things that I have learned with my wife.

In your name I pray…AMEN

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