let YOUR WILL be done to me. Holly Spirit, come to my heart

by Monica (Dubai)

Dear God,

I’d been attending an interview in a hospital in Abu Dhabi last Tuesday 01 Aug 2017, and was being told the wise decision will come within this week.
Lord, You know my desire to be able to return back working and living in Abu Dhabi.

I feel so weak, lack of faith, too good to be true, worry to let the person recommended me for that interview get disapoint if I can’t win the interviewers heart….. and not even deserved to receive miracle that this is a suitable job You choose for me though I want it that much!

Moreover, I am in the middle of 5 months notification til 6 Jan 2018, to find a new job from my present employer now, due to downsizing the business the impact of low business demands in the market. I feel useless, cheap…. unfair tents to jealousy…… Why me, Lord? While I have loans also to settle! How will I face my future?

Thus, mixed feeling of worries, afraid to loose that golden chance, will stay longer in the confusion and unsecure and unsure with this presence working situation feel like I am forcing YOU, to get that interview for me!

God pleaes forgive me of my sins. I may take wrong steps…… My worry is bigger than my faith.

Please help me to be patience while waiting, preparing the heart of my new employer, to convience them that I am the right candidate You send for them, so that I can glorify You more through my testimony how I face my difficulties with You alone!

And bless my preent company, as my ther lovely colleagues still stay with them. And lead my new company to find me soon and rescue me from all these chaos I have.

But last, let YOUR WILL be done to me. Holly Spirit, come to my heart and stay with me to let me go from all negativities and unbelief. Father, I come to You through Jesus Your Son, to whom I put my trust into. AMEN!