Let tomorrow make me feel better

Dear God,

I really hope you’re listening to all my prayers.

I asked him yesterday if he can go out on Tuesday, and he said he doesn’t know if he can but “inshallah ah”. I really hope he meant it when he said it. because then it would mean that we’re both praying for the same thing.

Please Lord, may you give me another chance with him tomorrow. May you open up his mind and heart to me, and notice how much i truly care about him and willing to be a better person with him and making him happy.

May you let him tell me that he can go out with me tomorrow, and may everything get better after i see him. Please god, I still and always will and always have had faith in you. Because if i didn’t, I would’ve had kept praying for the same things for you all those two weeks. I would’ve given up on Saturday when he told me what he did. because anyone would. except the ones like me who really knows and sure of what i want, and the one’s like me who have 100% faith in you.

May you give me another chance with him, and for him to tell me that he can and wants to see me tomorrow.

I love you with my all.