Let Thy Will Be Done

by Tico (Michigan)

Heavenly Father, you have witnessed the failing of my marriage. My wife has decided that she no longer sees value in me as a husband or our marriage. I ask of you o Lord, to restore our marriage to he days when we knew only Love, Longing, Hope, and Peace. I know Lord that sometimes we pray and your answer is no.

I have prayed for some time that you will change the climate of hopeless in our union to one of renewal but have seen things only get worse. Father , at the end of the month of August , my wife and I are to physically separate with her also desiring to divorce. I am at the end of my rope and have accepted that if things are to change it will be entirely up to you o Lord.

Father, I am weak and afraid. I have given up hope and am trying to focus on moving and starting my life without her. We have separated before and I do not see this time as the same with potential to reconcile. Oh Lord, I come to you with the hope that whatever is the outcome that you will bless me oh Lord to find peace , Joy, and hope .That I will be able to overcome the sense of loss that has crippled me so many times during our tribulations as man and wife.

Father God I ask that what ever is your will for us as man and wife let it be done. I have no more strength to want things that may be contrary to your will and I truly don’t know what you want for us. I humbly ask you Father to show us your will clearly as to what the outcome will be .

Please Father , take this marriage in your hands and let thy will be done. AMEN

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