let the love of Jesus prevail.

by Anthony (Eire)

O my Blessed Jesus, the one true God, let your love be awakened and shine out through the hearts, minds and souls of all your children.

ST Jude, helper to all who are deemed to be lost, privileged to have been on earth in the flesh with the son of god, help us.

Help us to feel the love of Jesus and overcome the horrific cruelty that we show and do to each other. Pray for me and all mankind that the love of Jesus shall triumph in all men and overwhelm the evil that we allow in our lives.

Pray,that no child shall be victimized, oppressed, tortured, abused, frightened or even lonely… Just loved.

As they deserve. Pray for the lost cause, which is mankind, and ask my Lord Jesus to give me the strenght to forgive and to love.

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