Let Prayers Bring Justice to an Unscrupulous Dealership

by Laureen ()

I am 70 years old live alone with many health problems and upcoming surgeries. My rescue dog has also had many health problems since I adopted her. I and my friends and families are praying for us. However, today I am asking for prayers to help me with my WebEx hearing on Thursday at 3:00
I was scammed by an unscrupulous auto repair shop. In short, I had my 2017 leased Murano brought into this shop only for a recall notice and possible defect of the defroster. Neither would involve any charge so I wasn’t expecting to pay anything This man insisted that my headliner and carpets were wet and moldy. They were as dry as a bone but my end of lease was coming up and I was nervous about my end of lease. He assured me and then my brother who I asked to call that all auto insurance companies cover these. He claimed he’d done 100s of them. My insurance did not cover it after investigation and he had some other things done that I hadn’t asked for and presented me with an unitemized invoice for over $3800. I tried to use my bank card but it was over the daily limit and denied. I was forced to use my emergency credit card. I later found on their Facebook page that they offer a payment plan for high cost repair costs but I wasn’t advised of this option. When the vehicle was returned, my mail was still in the visor where I’d left it and old marks on the headliner were clearly visible. I called the credit card bank and disputed the charges. The bank investigated and also denied payment. There were some things that I hadn’t asked to be done including some not necessary with only $12,000 miles on a 3 year old vehicle. This was in July 2020. In March of this year I was served a summons at my home that I’d just moved into a few weeks before. It was a small claims court claim sent by the dealer’s attorney. After many delays the hearing is being held virtually this Thursday. I am not used to these web meetings and my phone is unreliable. I’m also getting ready for a knee replacement and I’m in PT for bone on bone shoulder pain. I just found out that my left rotator cup is most likely also injured and I have to have an MRI. Katie, my rescue, has an appointment tomorrow with veterinary specialists. I am so overwhelmed by everything including problems with the house I just bought. I have 5 medical appointments from yesterday through tomorrow and in addition to my severe knee pain my sciatic nerve is now causing pain and I’m barely able to get around. Please pray that I won’t lose my confidence and strength to present my case and that my phone is operable. If this case was in person I would feel very confident but I already had issues at a print shop trying to document and copy my evidence. Finding that evidence after a year and a half and moving just 9 months ago was a challenge in itself. I ask for prayers for my ability to present my case so that it will be approved by the judge. The dealership has 2 attorneys but I have none. The majority of small court claims aren’t attended by attorneys. I believe this service advisor and the dealership are trying to unnerve me. I pray for others that I know or don’t know daily and I will read other requests here and pray for them also. Thanks to God and my favorite Saints who have answered many of my prayer requests. And thanks to you all.

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