Let no Weapons formed against him prosper.

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My husband, a law enforcement officer, and sergeant, for 28 years was used as the scapegoat to absolve the guilt of 5 police officers who had direct knowledge and involvement with an inmate who ingested crack cocaine before being arrested in December of 2017. My husband was unjustly fired, criminally charged with the death of the individual, and went to trial. The Lord as our defender brought swift justice, His righteousness spoken to by the unanimous decision of not guilty of all charges by the jury – praise God!
We filed a civil lawsuit in July of 2020, seeking vindication for the injustices to my husband’s reputation, integrity, and livelihood, his 28-year career in law enforcement was destroyed by the actions and lies of those who bear false witnesses against him.
The civil lawsuit against the city and 8 police officers and police officials is in the hands of the judge at this moment in time. We pray that God will allow the magistrate to see the truth of the matter and more so, that the judge will lean into God’s Word for guidance to make the appropriate ruling in this case. That which is right and Just is what must be done for my husband. Please pray for a ruling to allow my husband to heal, restore his name, and allow him to prosper.

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