Let my dad recover completely from cancer

by Let My Dad Recover Completely From Cancerr (Denbigh)

Let my dad recover completely from his illness and live for many years to come…dont let him die or suffer…i want him to be there at the end of the day.

When is comes to lawrence- Let me heal him an make his life full of love…let hm have confidence to do anything and everything…Let him fulfill his dearest dreams and ambitions…help me to go out more…and dont let him be scared by these bullies that have stormented him in the past…let me make him see that life is good and worth living…let him have friends and family that he gets along with…let me be his rock and best friend…help us please help us to get stronger together and be ok whatever happens, more than ok…let us be compatible soulmates in the best way possible…dont let jealousy ruin our relationship dont let us be inssecure…let us be the luckiest poeple on the planet to have each other…to have and to hold forever Amen.