Let me share my talents and skills that you have bestowed upon me

by Lesley (Detroit)

Dear Lord,

Over the past two years, I have sent out nearly 400 resumes. In the past month, I have had two interviews with two different companies. For the first time in my search, these two jobs are a perfect fit for my talents and skills. They are an absolute match and would grant me a career that I can once again be proud of, engaged in and be enthusiastic to wake up to every day.

Please Lord, in your mercy, grant me an offer from one, or both, of these companies so that I can help restore my dignity, that of my family’s and so that I can provide for my two young children and not have them experience the struggles of poverty.

I ask that you bring these opportunities to my doorstep and let me open my heart and talents to greatness.

Thank you. Amen.

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