Let me see Some light out from this tunnel.

by Alicia Feliciano ()

Have been praying all my life, but especially since I met Jesus in march,1979. Come from dysfunctional family. Father tried to kill me in mother’s womb. He was drunk all the time, beat mom,and 4 children. My mother beat me too after she got divorced. I left home at 16 with man that also beat me. Later I married man that was unfaithful to me and my children for 9yrs. I found Jesus at 29yrs. But I began praying with all my heart for family since, & have had nothing but disappointments. Oldest rebeled left home, husband began his unfaithfulness. I began a series of diseases, falls, accidents, at verge of death 5 times. Youngest married a dominating controlling, man,giving her 2 kids and abusing them too. She developed some nerve decease, bad hip & other illness. Now she’s alone with children in financial need. I had another accident with man drunk. daughter with kids were with me. I got the ticket & lost my car. Whats happening? I prayed before we left as I always do.I pray about everthing.My husband still lusts after women, he is 71, I am 70.

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