Let her have the greatest love for me. And bring her into my arms now

Lord Jesus I begged and prayed time and time again. Forgive my sins and help me be stronger in faith. Please let her love me as much as I love her let her call or text me now and let us love each other forever. I can’t go one more day without her please let her want me as much as want her. Let us be happy together. Please let her think of me day and night and take away her fear and take down her gaurd and let her text or call me today. Let us be alone and talk and let her feel my undying love and softness and let her forever be mine. Please oh please Jesus let her come for me and be mine. Let us be together every moment of day and night. Please let this Miricle happen at this moment as I need her to make life turn around now. I love you and please here me amen.

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