Let her come back into my life

by Alex Sanchez (Utah)

Heavenly Father, a year ago you let the most amazing person come into my life. Who woulda know that a year later I would be fighting for her back, harder then ever. I know I haven’t always been the best person, or that I might not deserve a blessing so great. But I do know inside, that she makes me want to e a better person. For months I have searched for the answer to get back into her heart. I have poured my soul out on the daily to you for some sort of answer. But I can’t let her go. Part of me still believes she holds a significant part in my future. Please, help me find a way to help her reopen her heart to me. I’m at the end of the road for ideas. I know she has feelings for me, but needs your help to draw them out. What is it that I need to do father? I am here, at your feet ready to do your work for payment in guidance. I love her, and I’ll never give up on someone who touched my heart so much. Please help me with this

– Your Son

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