Let Good prevail over evil

by Andrew ()

I sincerely ask the Lord to let good triumph over evil. My country is at a crossroads. I truly believe that we’ve been led astray by a wolf in sheep’s clothing to lead our country for four years. President Trump has lied to us thousands of times, that we can verify with our own eyes and ears with actual audio and video. He uses his powerful position to incite his followers to anger and rage against their fellow man & political opponents that has led to a rise in hate crimes and crime in general. He encourages white nationalists/supremacists by what he says and *doesn’t* say that’s led to more racist acts and hate speech. He seperated children from their moms & dads 3 years ago, and still can’t reunite almost 550 children with their parents because they’ve been deported back to their countries without their children. For 3 years now they’ve been orphaned. He asks for us to idol worship him, and if we don’t, we’re not worthy of his compassion, time, or good graces. He acts like he’s worthy of being a jealous God. Joe Biden on the other hand, is by all accounts the opposite in every way. He actually wants to unite our country again by the way he speaks of people. He’s not a total bully demanding loyalty. He calls out hate groups and speech for what they are: Hate. And that goes against the very teachings of Jesus. We need a good man to lead us again. That’s going to unite our country by not inciting more anger and resentment. Please pray with me today and in the coming month for the popular vote, electoral college, and possibly the courts (when Trump’s attorneys try to throw out possibly millions of people’s rightful votes) to declare that Joe Biden wins the presidency; and we as believers can once again see the light, and when a wolf in sheep’s clothing is in our midst.

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