Left Eye

by Lakeisha ()

This Josh guy actually was shooting his gun at me and my brother. I will never in my life go through anything with this guy I have no contact on him I am done with him I don’t want any female coming at m about this guy when I’m not with him. She still sending bad vibes while I’m still writing and typing. I’m not about to go through nothing with someone who jealous of me. I will not go out in anger. With no females. Bobby Kyles , Brittany Elliot I’m not going through this don’t say anything about me and if you still on me and the past you need help! Franny Clark these people have graduated and still bothering me graduation haven’t taught them anything . Riding up on me asking what’s wrong with me when it’s nothing I don’t have any issues. I live ok! I’m not a mimic to anyone and I’m not a bad reflect I’m not going to take the time and effort to put myself in mess when I can be doing good. I’m not like any other these females And they are nothing like me . I don’t have anytime to even give to a female that pregnant of any other that I don’t fight I avoid trouble I don’t want to go to jail. I’m a very passionate person. I respect myself for everything. I been to jail and I don’t want to go back. I’m not even gonna give a police man my time. That’s not a plan I WOULD NOT GO BACK TO JAIL! At all. For no reason. Freedom is best I rather stay in the world . That’s not a good place for a person like me. Other plans lies ahead of me. No time to be wasted on jail that’s not a good place.

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