Lead Me To The Rock That Is Higher Than I

by Geraldine Morrisin ()

Good Morning!
My name is Geraldine,
I moved into my apartment 3 months ago, apparently the walls are very thin; one of my neighbors takes pleasure in mocking my steps from my bedroom to the bathroom; everytime I go.

When I get inside the bathroom, she begins flipping the faucet off and on; for the duration that I’m in there.

I have a walk-in closet that I must enter before, I get to the bathroom; when I’m only going to the closet; she, thinking that I’m going to the bathroom; will begin to do the same. The moment my footsteps go back to my room; she stops.

This has been going on for the entire 3 months that I have lived here.
She does it all hours of the day; from 4:30 a.m.; when I get up to pray; 1 or 3 a.m. when I go to the restroom; all during the day, morning noon or night; whenever I go to the bathroom.

I can ignore it during normal hours because I’m fully awake, occupied with my activities; however, the first thing; in the morning at 4:30 a.m.; or when I awake to use the bathroom; it deeply troubles me; hurts my head becauseI’m not fully awake.

Initially, I thought it was coincidence; but after 3 months, I realize it’s deliberate;
I also know it’s on purpose; and not just the pipes and I’m not imagining it; because once a week I do housekeeping for a neighbor on a different floor; the two months that I’ve worked in his apt; more specifically cleaned his bathroom; this has not happened once.

I’ve prayed for this to come to an end; I’ve prayed for her; because someone who would stalk another person like this is deeply troubled.

The one place a person should be at peace is in their home;
The problem is that I don’t know which apt. she lives; only that it faces my bathroom; other than the water deliberately going off and on; whenever, I use the bathroom, I hear nothing from this person or apartment.

She only stops, when she hears me talking; as though trying to hear what I’m saying;
sometimes yelling for her to stop; as it is quite troublesome; especially in the wee hours in the morning.

What troubles me, is that; because it’s been so long; I’ve started running my water to give her a hint; and drown
her intrusion out.

Last week, I reported it to management via email; hopefully, management will get involved;
this morning once again, at 4:00 a.m.; there she was again.

I’ve started praying about the situation as I lift my head from the pillow each morning; I cannot avoid going to the bathroom upon waking; I’ve tried, so I pray all the way into the bathroom.

Please pray with me, for an expeditious resolution to this demonic attack.

Thank you!


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