Lead Me To The Light

by Dominique (New York)

Dear God, for I have sinned I am really struggling on going to the right path. I keep going to the same dark path and I am not proud of myself but I ask please Lord do not give up on me I am trying my best and I would like to make a prayer and ask if you can point me into the right direction and give me strength. I am very disappointed in myself and I feel like a failure who is playing Jesus so please I give you permission to cleanse my soul ,body, and blood of evil so I can make everything right in life and show you that I am one of your people.

Also thank you God for all you have done for me and my family, I am very grateful to be on this beautiful earth with wonderful nature. Am happy you have put a roof over my head with food even though my family is going through financial conflicts and clothes to wear. I may not express my gratefulness to you but deep inside I am very happy that you have blessed me with theses things even though times are hard and I am dealing with depression and stress but I trust and believe you that you will me and my family back freedom, happiness, and good health. I hope my prayers will be answered just requires patience.

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