Lead me back Lord

Lord forgive me for my obsession to pornography and sinning. Give me the strength to abandon my lusting and thirst for personal satisfaction. Please take me back to those times when the external evils were not for prevalent and now challenge us each and every day. Everywhere we look sex is glorified and at the tip of our fingers. Forgive those who trespass against me through their addictions and weaknesses that I have allowed to overcome me. Father give me the strength to think of you every time my thoughts stray to this dark side of my life, a side that others I love and who love me have no clue I am addicted to.

Give me the strength to not trespass and encourage others to sin with me through this evil which has also led me to a life of adultery and fornication.

Father forgive me of my sins and help me return to a life without these curses and a road back to your kingdom.

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  1. Come back

    God bless you for taking the initiative to seek help from God & also to allow us to pray for you. The obsession to pornography is curable by your efforts to change your ways & by becoming closer to God. Things take time but getting to know God personally allows Him to rub off onto you & it transforms you into a Christ like person. The job of the devil is to destroy your life & all that you are connected to. Pornography destroys relationships, destroys character, creates negative addictions, & pulls people away from God. Pornography is the work of the devil and God is not of it but He can restore your life. With you asking God to give you the strength to abandon your lusting and thirst for personal satisfaction is a awesome commitment. Please stay committed. Everyday is battle of good & evil & we have to pick our sides. Evil leads us to hell & good leads us to the kingdom of Heaven. There will always be temptations for all of us because the devil exists but we have to resist, rebuke, & fight against him in order to not fall into his traps. You are so correct. Sex is glorified on everything & everywhere. Its hard to watch a good TV program now because the commercials also represent sexual antics. You have to resist those temptations. Ask a personal close friend to add a password protection on your pornography website settings so you can’t have access. Add a lock to your cable box pornography. Continue to believe that God can help you in your situation & continue to want to be rid of this attachment. Rebuke the devil from your life. Find support in finding God & be careful who you reveal your secret to until you feel that you have it under control. You secret in the right hands can bring you help, prayers, & understanding but in the wrong hands it can bring you more temptations, trouble, unhappiness, & more works of the devil. Be careful because secrets come out & they destroy loved ones when they don’t understand that your no different than a alcoholic because you both have an addiction. Pray for those that your hurting in secret.

    Dear Lord, I come to you in prayer to lift up this individual that is very upfront with You about his issues. He has admitted to a life of adultery, fornication, obsession to pornography & sin. He has also asked You for forgiveness of those who trespassed against him. I ask You Lord to pull Your child out of the wilderness & from the snares of the devil. I ask You to save his life & to show him a better life & better promise than what the devil has shown him. Lord, he is calling on You & reaching out to You. Please rebuke & smite away the evil from his life & led him in the way that he needs to go in order to rectify the wrongs that he has done. Lord please allow the hearts of those that he will hurt to be understanding of his addiction & acts of trying to give his problems to You. I pray those that he hurt also. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray & say Amen.

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