by Chanel Morris ()

I struggle with extreme laziness that came on after long term unemployment in my twenties. I’m unmotivated to do anything I have zero follow through I want to go to the gym 4 times a week and do a job and do a full clean of the house but I sleep till 3pm and my mind just refuses to do anything. I am in distress my dad and mother are extremely hardworking so is the rest of my family they have big jobs and travel all over the world whilst I am stuck, I’m notthat bright so I have to make money by the sweat of my brow andit hard when there is no motivation and zero follow through. All the girls I grew up with are rich have loads of friends and scorn me and on top of that I’m aging prematurely because I sit down all day and sleep for over 15 hours a day. I love my family even thoughI fear they don’t love me I want to be a workaholic for them to get us out of poverty and shame are wider family is showy beautiful and affluent. I have always been a misfit in my family and I want to fit in and adapt to affluence. i hd a vision that I saw a slug spirit in me. I’m also addicted to online porn prayer for me

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