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I have been in my family home for 4 days I won’t go outside, I struggle with extreme laziness to the point where it’s delipitating I come from a strange but very hardworking family that can work hard round the clock. I on the other hand am so lazy it’s like a disability, I’ve aged before my time because of it I’m only 38 but it’s like I’m a 50 or 60 year old. Some times because my brain is so inactive it feels like I’m getting Alzelmiers. prayer for me to be hard working, brilliantly diligent. I was born in a okay social status household but due to laziness I have frittered all of that a way my mum and dad are still incredibly hardworking but I am a slob I can’t get up some days and get anything done. I had a best friend now she is rich through very hard work and I have never moved from my situation. All the girls I grew up around have 4 or 5 kids and are wealthy I feel I can’t meet anyone romantically and I’m 38 due to delipitating laziness. Sometimes I forget how to walk because I’m so lazy. I was hardworking but after I left uni I was unemployed for some years with no friends and this trapped me in a life of laziness because when I was meant to develop a hardwork ethic I didn’t. Please help me I’m trapped by this ober powering laziness I prayer for hours about it ans still my mind and body refuses to do no hard work let alot no complicated hard work my mind has become like mush because of this , it’s left so inactive. All the girls I grew up with are married and wealthy throught there hardwork, but I just sit and do nothing I have no kids and I’m not married I’m also like a leper people can sense I’m slothful and lazy so they steer clear of me. I live in a fast town where you have to be diligent to not go begging on the street, and I’ve almost been there . HELP.

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