Lamb of God

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Dear God,

I’m having many situations going on in my life. Lots of harsh things, whether positive or negative is happening with me currently. Please hear all my prayers and I really hope for peace, strength, justice, and all other help from you. Please hear these prayers related to my personal situations via prayer topics, family and friends situation, educational and scholarship situation, mental and health situation, finances and money including technology issues, respite and care benefit prayers, care and other beneficial hope, keeping in touch with old and new people via making friends, lectures and differences about me, my boundaries and sincerety, multiple scenarios relevant to my life, my emotions including forgiveness and help, my life results, what I expect and hope for, working on my new life, my current gratitude, my interests and dreams to be granted, strong and sincere hope about everything, and concluding my prayer. All these prayers are relevant to making my life better, as I ask you, Heavenly Father, to grant all my wishes and help me.

Praying first about myself, I really need guidance and support in life because I’ve been having lots of negative family and society matters. My boundaries were not heard and respected properly. My privacy is always invaded without any remorse or any boundaries heard. I’ve been having inadequate amount of friends, spirit, and people to hang out with. I also have injustice and disconfort from my mother and family. God, please help and guide me to the right path.

My family has been treating me differently and doesn’t care or understand my general needs. I’m the baby in the family and my mother treats me differently from my adult older brothers, even though they also used to be kids like me. She doesn’t allow me to be what makes me happy and wants me to overobey

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