kindness feeds the lost an hurting

by Prayers Admin ()

This holiday season many of us have no money,no job ,wonder how to live an pay the bills, in this world wide pain there are things that bring even the smallest joy, warmth an Love a coffee from a shop, not costly people still by cigarettes, a shop made sandwich,simple made can bring so much, feeds the hunger an the soul, many are hurting human an creature all alike the pain can seem bearable , in even small kindness that heals an builds a world, Lord on this holiday we don’t exchange gifts anymore in our home ,but the lessons we have taught our children last a life time ” do unto others as you would have them do unto the Lord”, hurting people an creatures angels in disguise? would the Lord not be proud of you, Lord may all creatures great an small, be safe,warm,feed this winter season, God Bless!

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