kindly heal my grandmother

by Ana (Taguig City, Philippines)

O Lord Jesus Christ, who during thy brief life on earth went about doing good to all men, be merciful to my grandmother in this her hour of special need.
O Divine Physician, thy tender heart was ever moved at the sight of pain and affliction. I beg of thee, if it be thy holy Will, to help for the problems of her cardio-vascular and respiratory system to lessen and for her to regain her strength to be able to live her life as normal as thou wilt. Stretch forth thy hand to all who suffer, whether in mind or in body. Grant to each of them that peace of soul which thou alone canst give.
I believe that in God there are three Divine Persons ” Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
I believe that God so loved the world that He sent thee, His only-begotten Son, who died on the Cross for our salvation.
I believe that God, in His mercy and justice, rewards goodness and punishes evil.
I am truly sorry for all her sins, dear Lord, because they have offended thee, who art Goodness itself. I love thee with all my heart, and with thy help, I will try never to offend thee again. Assist her to do all that is necessary to obtain eternal life.

Jesus, Son of David, have mercy!

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