Kill all false gods

by Gabriel ()

I the true Gabriel G. a mentally ill man as a result of being SERIALLY ABUSED(TELEPATHICALLY RAPED) by a thing that began talking to I the true Gabriel G. that called itself the Virgin Mary, and she and hers have abused I the true Gabriel G. for now 22+ years. She started talking at the St Francis of Assisi Catholic Church here in Santa Fe NM USA when she gave I the true Gabriel G. a calling to the priesthood of the Virgin Mary, about 22+ years ago. So one of the Virgins told I the true Gabriel G. NOT TO SIN, I was thinking of saying the word Fudge, but he or it immediately WITHOUT I THE TRUE GABRIEL G. wanting to HEAR this TELEPATHIC MIND RAPEIST comment said: “DONT SAY BAD WORDS”, then this OTHER LOUSY VOICE that I didnt want to hear either said: “THAT WAS YOUR COUSIN”. I the true Gabriel G. HAVE NO COUSINS so what ever dumb asses those are BOTH NEED to be KILLED. Since all my prayers to GOD went unanswered for now 22+ years to SHUT UP THOSE MIND RAPEISTS AND TERRORISTS. I JUST WAIT TO DIE. THAT IS ALL I CAN DO, since I have tried to work and THEY DO EVERYTHING TO STOP I THE TRUE GABRIEL G. from doing anything of anykind. So some GOD huh who is supposed to take care of his own. I was one of his but all I the true Gabriel G. am wondering, as I am left suffering this mental terrorism. Was God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit made up to control us by the church like puppets, the same way children are controlled by their parents when they tell them, Santa wont bring you presents for christmas if you are bad little children? So did MOSES create a GOD for the people to fear so he MOSES could control them with and throught the use of FEAR of eternal damnation? IT would seem so. For after 22+ years not only have my prayers gone unanswered to bring this mental terrorism to an end but many others. So this made up GOD is as useless as Santa Claus. MAKE BELIEVE!

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