Kenny and Nancy 2021

by Nancy ()

Father God, St. Anthony.. thank you for all the miracles you’ve been helping my family with. Thank you for my sister and her protection and recent blessings. Please help my brother. God bless him. More than me I love my family so much including Ken and my dog. Please show them. I always ask especially over my siblings. Thank you for my dog and other family. Thank you for our health. Thank you for friendship. Thank you for our good looks lol thank you for my morals. Ken and I love our families and look up to the lasting marriages each set of our parents have. Surrounded by evil things have been so hard for us but I thank you for putting Ken into my life. Ive been praying since November last year and I’ve learned a lot of people don’t want us together without good reason. Probably jealous or in an even darker place without your guidance. I pray for forgiveness and healing for all souls involved. I was also told that some black magic was preformed by someone close to the family causing us to have blockages that required cleanse. Thank you father for saving me. Please help Ken to see me as I am now that you’ve removed the demons keeping us apart and allow him to love me again like he expressed right before he got me pregnant and we let evil consume us, thanks for opening communication. I know you’re real and all of me knows only you can help only praying and us being together being your will, I give you that power to bless us. Please give us another chance to work through our problems and talk more to each other. Today is Ken’s birthday and I worry about his safety from the wicked. Please be with Ken and my brother a little extra for their birthday weekend during a full moon coming in please let our relationship repent, rekindle, and allow us to be better at controlling our stress so we can have a healthy relationship maybe a family in the future after more loving and confirmation we should be married in the eyes of God. I know that he can only be good with your help. He drinks and has a lot of injuries from hockey as you know when I pray for his healing and peace. Please help us I need a miracle and it’s only possible with all my faith in you father God. It is now I don’t even want to look at horoscopes or be around the wicked. Ken and I are very nice and I tell you this again praying for our protection in other ways. Thank you for everything especially having cleansed and I pray to protect us with the Holy Spirit. If it is your will for us to be together as I believed I was made for him immediately after conceiving our first child and then loosing it due to my negligence, pregnancy was very hard for us and I repent from premarital sex with Ken I will not do diet pills and have unsafe pre marital sex with him again when we know we should work on developing a more solid foundation to our future marriage. I am sorry for ruining our blessings and allowing Ken to convince me it would kill me to try and keep our son growing inside me so I could blame him. I want to be a wife and mother more than anything he made me a mother I love him and it feels unconditionally but I’m still praying for guidance as we still are not on good terms with no health insurance during a global health pandemic while not knowing I was pregnant taking diet pills for months the baby stopped growing and we fell apart if it’s not help us not to loose faith and guide us away from sin into a even better relationship with intentions of marriage

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