Keeping our Family together

by Joann (Pa)

Please pray for my family…I have been living in sin for several years. 3 1/2 years ago we hac a child. I want to raise my son and my family in what Jesus teaches. God is calling me to draw closer to him, to his word, and to his teachings. I have asked the man I am living with to marry me through the church and have GOD bless our relationship and our family. His heart is harden. He does not want to get married. I want to raise my son to be a good Christian man. I want to be an example of a good christian woman. I can no longer live in sin. I am fearful of leaving. and I know fear is of the devil.I ask for prays for my relationship for my family…If it is GOD’s will for me to leave this man if he will not marry me, I PRAY FOR STRENGHT AND THE GRACE TO HANDLE IT WITH PEACE, GENTLENES, KINDNESS, AND LOVE.

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