Keeping Jesus first

by G ()

please pray for that for JH as a future wife and mother pay for G and pray for others that are having health issues that aren’t able to conceive right away and pray for the older ones that they’re able to conceive or the Lord or bless them with their newborns or children in other ways pray for victory in Jesus for G and the transaction will go through well tomorrow through the grace of God pray for Lord to take care of that transactions and take care of other trips to the store and other places needed that Mrs Ann is able to take her later this week in Jesus name pray for the holiday to go well though we’re not with the people all the people that we can pray and thank God pray for Lord to take care of Pokemon with that being stressed nervous and worry pray for JH the JH will seek your face Lord stop being stressed nervous and worried pray for peace peace peace peace and I have them home give me the Father and the son and the Holy Ghost please pray for Lord to not allow any weapon formed against the Hampton home that shall not prosper pray for Lord to have peace to reign in our lives pray for our wounds to be healed under the blood and those are expecting their or having their first child or second or whatever number child they’re having this week this month this year that the Lord are protected wounds protect their child protect all the environments around them in Jesus name pray for the words of Jesus mouth and meditation these hearts be acceptable in my sight the Lord has strengthened our redeemer instead of watch the g’s mouth keep a joy to Jesus lips tunnel will wake away energy and away everlasting pray for us more on G together again never part pray for the more Hampton Union under the blood of Jesus pray for Lord to allow their love and his love for G to stay solid and Jesus Christ there will be reunited and reunion and Jesus name pray for the Lord to help change your nerves worry anxiety pray for peace today victory today victory with shopping tomorrow victory is shopping this week in Jesus name amen amen I pray for family Ohio Michigan Florida Virginia New York Jersey medical family people paper receive the bill to help that the committee will pay the bill for JH pray for the Lord to give a deferment and a stimulus bill check to Bob age and others like him pray for part-time workers like JH to receive a nice help with expenses and bills and people like Mrs Ann bills and Jesus name pray for Jesus new work school and her writing and at the Lord will use her writing and the vehicle for their partnership and future marriage with Ross more to be a strong testimony in Jesus Christ amen and amen

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