Keeping Jesus first

by Ginger mjacobs ()

please pray for Lord to help our family help Jay this time focusing on herself and being angry hustle bitter always grateful or to help her get a tutorial to help her with her math in English I’ll forget some help with her emotions pray for a portal toto me with a doctor prayed up Romans 8:28 begins now pray for the day you also repair people to do step-by-step work through work a little or no cost proponents will be free of his financial destruction and that the choking of that one effect the family and that his future is in Christ Jesus pray for him to pray and take your face Lord to trust you to know that you’re on the throne no matter what pray for his future sons and laws and grandchildren pray for weddings attempt at all this home needs a lift right now Jesus name briefly anointing blood and holy oil of the Holy Ghost 19 blood of Jesus pray for peace peace peace today let the words of cheese mouth and a meditation of cheese heart be acceptable by sight the Lord has strengthened our redeemer pray for him a soil smell to leave the house I’m gonna be attended to improve with some CC transactions to go through well this week that the Lord will take care of repairs and cleaning and organizing and getting pick him up to a good bath in Jesus name paper walking and Jesus name and then with therapy will be excellent pray for Jay to be under the blood of the Lamb pray for peace between change no arguments and bitterness that prove the anointing oil police goes pray for the CC work on the TV to be well and that the ability to keep those um upgrade for the b6 CC watching and the Lord will take care of a full bill that will be covered with the blood that is shall encounter pray for Lord to lift us all up get us back together as family friends and allow the liar to destroy us and using this virus to destroy us before making mom’s lungs under the blood chest under the blood heart under the blood stomach under the butt pray for that page resp iratory response special alert respiratory for change respirators and her sister who also has a problem prefer less likely friend that something affects her or her or her child pay for brother Daryl as well pay for Ross more if she together again never apart prefers healing protection from this illness and his parents also or will show him a crisis cover with the blood and not susceptible to this illness as well in Jesus name and Charles and Cleveland to and junior and then lady Timothy pray for Roland he will be calling a family as the other play else is doing pretty various kids in the Oklahoma Georgia North Carolina she’s still living Lord pray the Lord will get us all back together again and Jesus name is dead tea who might be in Florida pray for the Lord to help her in Jesus name proof of peace the best is all understanding for her kids and her grandchildren and a great grandchildren if there be and pray for that for making love in the future and she’s a name heal she’s wound and her body mine is soul and pray for Lord as he prepares it to be a wife and mother as you remember that Christ is still on the throne and prayer changes things

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