Keep our love life holy, strong and unbreakable

by Chloe (Arizona)

Lord, thank you for all that you have given and blessed us with. You are the most graciuos God. Father i pray for You to hear my prayer and my cries and to know what im feeling and saying when i don’t and cannot express myself to pray or speak or think. Please bring my lover Sal back to me and guide him home to me promptly. Have him call me. I cannot bear another second without him, without him i am truly pysically, mentally and emotionally doomed. My seperation anxiety has the best of me and is intolerable to handle. The stress throughout the day leaves me bitter, unkind and angry which i do not agree with. Stop him in his tracks and bring him close to me, bring him home safe now. Stop him from being lured out by lying enties and evil demonic lies the devil instills into this man i truly dearly adore and love with all my heart soul and might. Have him to never leave me again. And to always protect me and take care of me to be kind and thoughtfull to me and show a positive example. I also ask of You to keep the both of us safe under your wing and watch over us in all that we do. Keep our love life holy, strong and unbreakable where no one or nothing can interfere with us and our relationship or turn us against one another, EVER… In Jesus name i pray. Amen.

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