Keep My Family Together

by Jesina Lopez (Florida, United States)

Dear Heavenly Father,

I pray to you for Hope and for your Divine Intercession in my husband’s Immigration case. I ask that you intervene miraculously as only you can to work through our attorney, the Immigration judge and Government attorney so that you may fill their hearts and minds with compassion and with love so that a ruling in our family’s favor may be reached. I ask that you keep our family together so that my children will not be without their father or have to go to a country that is ruled by drugs, corruption, violence and poverty of which is foreign to them. Please do not allow our family and lives to be destroyed. I know in my heart that you brought me and my husband together and blessed us with our children, I beg you to not allow anything nor anyone separate us nor bring such devastation to our family and lives. In your name I pray, Amen.

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