Keep away my husband from the strange woman who is destroying our marriage

by Sarah (British Columbia)

I would like to pray for my husband who is cheating. He has a woman on his life that he almost forget about us, his family. He always give me heartaches, ignores me, and mad at me for no reason. He always text, send messages and emails, facebook, video and audio call that woman. He always spend time with his phone, and he does it in the washroom for long hours. He never mind us his family. And he likes hurting my feelings, and ignoring me .He changed a lot. He is not the person I married. He is being influenced by that woman. He became a totally bad person.

I pray for St; Joseph to help me with this trial in my life. Someone is destroying my marriage and influencing my husband to be a bad and different person, and to hate me, his wife. Hope the evil in my husband’s heart and mind be gone, and let God be in his heart.

I pray for a loving relationship and praying that my husband will go back to his own person, the same old one I know who is very loving and caring to his family. Let the Holy Spirit guides him to throw all the trash that is in his cell phone…..I pray for the real him be backed. Amen.