by Lakeisha ()

LORD I ASK YOU NOW TO BRING MY SON OUT IF HIS DADS ARMS RIGHT NOW HE ONLY WANTS HIM HURT LORD BRING KADARRIUS HOME RIGHT NOW RIGHT NOW! Bring him home LORD HE’S 5 he have a birthday today he have a new age limit OH GOD Lord bring him home now Lord now bring him out of that mess Lord he’s a child Lord bring him on home to his mother LORD bring that child home Lord to his mom LORD he needs his mom LORD touch his body touch from his all the way over LORD touch his reend Lord heal his hurt turn it into happiness turn it into JOY!!!!!! Heal that child Lord he needs you LORD I’m calling out for your help come Lord go get that child Lord bring home to his mom Lord right now DELIVERANCE OVER that Child lord Right now Go do it Lord right now heal that hurt from that parent lord Arose right now my Fathet go get that child Lord go save him right now Lord go Lord go get him now Lord we Need you Go ALLAH go save him now oh.King Kong lord Go run to his rescue Lord she’s ready for go get her Child Lord my Go Ka’Darriua Ka’Darrius Ka’Darrius Ka’Darrius go Lord heal him heal him he need you when it hurt make it ok make it not hurt Lord shid Lord

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