Justice in the Courtroom

by Glenda (Vista, Ca)

Please Pray for my daughter Sabrina for the Favor of God in the Court room on 3/2/17 God has a plan for the good and the enemy is trying to destroy it but the devil is a liar In Jesus name! The plan was that my daughter was being accepted into Drug Court rehabilitation and was going to be accepted Thursday March 2nd but the system put her on a federal hold not to release her. She has repented and got right with God and is using her in the jail and now it’s warfare we need this hold to stop and be canceled according to God’s Will and Purpose for His Glory and she will not end up in Federal Prison. My daughter is 28 and is not a criminal she just got caught up in drugs for a short time and was with the wrong peers that landed her in jail. If you could please agree with me and stand in the gap to set my daughter free once and for all! Thank you kindly and have a Blessed & prosperous day!